Syrian Army Restores Security to 3 Strategic Villages in Lattakia Province



The Syrian army and the National Defense Forces (NDF) purged terrorists from three strategic villages in Northern Lattakia province.

The army units restored calm and security to Barouma, Mayzan and Rweisat al-Hamiroush villages in Northern Lattakia.

Scores of terrorists were killed and wounded during Syrian army’s mop-up operations.

In a relevant development earlier today, the Syrian Army and the NDF offensives in the Northeastern part of Lattakia province forced the militant groups to leave behind tens of dead or wounded members and retreat from their positions in one more key height in the coastal province.

The Syrian government forces took full control over al-Sweidiyeh mountain near Salma in the Northeastern part of Lattakia province.

The militant groups suffered major casualties and their military equipment sustained heavy damage in the attacks.

The army also gained fire control over the village of Kafrteh in the region.

In relevant developments in the Northwestern battlefield of the country on Saturday, the Syrian fighter jets inflicted large casualties on terrorists in several combat sorties over their defense lines in the mountainous region in Northern Lattakia province.

The militant groups’ strongholds and defense lines in Abu Ali mountain, al-Qamou’a, al-Beidha, South of Ein al-Ghaza and Northeast of al-Aliyeh came under the massive bombardments of the Syrian army’s aircrafts.

The militant groups suffered a heavy death toll and their military grid and ammunition depot sustained major damage in the air raids.

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