Syrian Army resumes offensive in northern Palmyra, several hilltops recaptured


The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) resumed their offensive in the northern countryside of Palmyra last night, targeting the hilltops the Islamic State (ISIL) managed to capture near the Shumriyah Mountains.

Led by the 5th Legion, the Syrian Arab Army struck the Islamic State’s defenses near the Shumriyah Mountains last night, resulting in a fierce battle that would ensure for several hours.

Following these clashes, the Syrian Arab Army managed to regain control of Talat Al-Turikis and Talat Al-A’lam, killing and wounding several Islamic State terrorists in the process of this counter-attack.

Earlier this morning, the Syrian Arab Army launched another powerful assault in the Al-Sha’er Mountains, where they were confronted by an exhausted unit of Islamic State terrorists.

According to the preliminary reports from the northern countryside of Palmyra, the Islamic State has set ablaze at least 5 gas wells in the Al-Sha’er Mountains; this is part of the the latter’s plan to destroy the government’s infrastructure in northeast Homs.

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