Syrian Army returns to border cities to prevent militant advance

 The Syrian Arab Army has redeployed several units to the Turkish border with Al-Hasakah this week after a brief pullback.

According to reports from Al-Hasakah, the Syrian Army has returned to their posts in the Al-Derghabiyah, Amuda, and Al-Malkiyah districts, while also deploying several units of reinforcements to the Tal Tamr front.

The Syrian Army did not transfer any heavy weapons to these fronts, despite the looming threat from the Turkish-backed militants who want to expand their territorial influence in northeastern Syria.

At the same time, the Syrian Army is hoping to work out a deal with the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) that would see their troops join the military.

The primary issue preventing the two sides from merging is the SDF’s insistence that they be allowed to remain in their areas as part of a local defense force. Damascus has not provided these reassurances to the SDF, so the two continue to remain at odds over this.

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