Syrian Army Scores More Victories against ISIL Near Deir Hafer

Aleppo: Syrian Soldiers Score More Victories against ISIL Near Deir Hafer


Syrian Army troops continued their anti-ISIL attacks in Eastern Aleppo and managed to capture several strategic hills near the key town of Deir Hafer.

The army soldiers engaged in fierce clashes with ISIL and entered the village of Humeimeh al-Kabireh, taking control of a large part of it after seizing the Humeimeh al-Kabireh hill.

The Russian fighter jets carried out several combat flights over ISIL’s positions simultaneous with the army’s advances in the region.

A military source said that the army troops could take control of all ISIL road to Deir Hafer and to the villages of Ein al-Hanash and al-Humeimiyeh.

The army men also prevailed over ISIL’s defense lines in the village of Rasm al-Harmal and won control of a part of the village after hours of heavy fighting with terrorists.

In relevant developments in the province on Friday, the army troops stormed ISIL’s defense lines in a region between Kuweires airbase and the town of Deir Hafer, winning back a key hill after several hours of clashes.



The army men engaged in fierce clashes with ISIL in Eastern Aleppo and could take back the strategic hill of Humeimeh Southwest of Showeilakh or Northwest of Humeimeh al-Kabireh.

ISIL suffered heavy casualties in the attack and pulled the remaining pockets of its forces back form the battlefield to evade more casualties.

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