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Syrian Army secures advance in southeast Idlib after jihadists suffer heavy losses: map

The terrorist rebels reportedly suffered heavy losses in the southeastern countryside of the Idlib Governorate these past 24 hours, a source from the military told Al-Masdar News.

According to a field source, the jihadist rebels suffered over 20 casualties during the fierce clashes at the towns of Umm Al-Khalakhil and Musharifah Al-Shmaliyah this week.

The source said the majority of these casualties were jihadist rebels from the terrorist group Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham.

He would add that the Syrian Arab Army has since consolidated their gains around Umm Al-Khalakhil and Zarzour, as they prepare to launch another round of attacks against the jihadist rebels.

Over the last 24 hours, the Syrian Arab Army’s 25th Special Mission Forces (formerly Tiger Forces) have captured the towns of Umm Al-Khalakhil and Musharifah Al-Shmaliyah, while also securing nearby Zarzour.

Since resuming their offensive in Idlib, the Syrian Arab Army has mostly concentrated their attacks on the southeastern axis of the governorate; this is likely due to their desire to reach the southeastern flank of Ma’arat Al-Nu’man.

Ma’arat Al-Nu’man is next major town that is located along the Damascus-Aleppo Highway (var. M-5 Highway); however, it is not clear if the army plans to capture the town or just surround the militant forces there.AdvertisementsShare this article:

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