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Syrian Army stifles another attack by Turkish-backed terrorists in east Idlib

The terrorist rebels and their Turkish-backed allies were once again unsuccessful in their attempt to capture the town of Nayrab in the eastern countryside of the Idlib Governorate.

The attack, which was led by Turkish-backed militants and their allies jihadists, was meant to infiltrate the Syrian Arab Army’s defenses at the northwestern and western axes of Nayrab; however, they have been unable to score any significant advances.

The jihadists and Turkish-backed militants are expected to launch a new attack against the Syrian Arab Army in the coming hours, as they attempt to capture Nayrab and the rest of the territories they lost in the last two months.

Earlier in the day, the jihadist rebels released footage from the poultry farms after they seized some of the area, but a source later told Al-Masdar that the militants were forced to withdraw after sustaining heavy losses.

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