Syrian Army targets terrorist gathering in northern Hama


The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) launched another powerful attack against a group of jihadist rebels in the northern countryside of Hama this morning.

The Syrian Arab Army’s 11th Tank Division reportedly targeted a gathering of Jaysh Al-Izza militants near the large hilltop of Tal Huwash in the northern countryside of Hama.

In addition to the attack on Tal Huwash, the Syrian Arab Army targeted several jihadist-held areas near the Jaysh Al-Izza stronghold of Al-Lataminah.

Recently, the Syrian Arab Army has intensified their attacks in the northern Hama countryside, prompting the jihadist rebels to target the government strongholds of Mhardeh and Suqaylabiyah.

Despite these exchanges, neither side has launched any major ground offensive as of yet; this is likely due to reports of a pending government operation in the Al-Ghaab Plain.

The Syrian Arab Army has been planning to launch the Al-Ghaab Plain offensive for months now, as it is located just south of the Jisr A-Shughour District.

Jisr Al-Shughour is the Syrian Arab Army’s primary target once the Al-Ghaab Plain offensive is launched; it is also a jihadist stronghold.

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