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Syrian Army’s operations in the Eastern Ghouta… Al-Nusra headquarters targeted in Yabroud


Syrian Arab Army units targeted an armed group that had been stationed in the warehouses of the Housing Establishment and the Gas Filling Unit in Adra area; Mohamed al-Sibaa, a leader of one of the armed groups was identified among the killed. The units also targeted militia gatherings in Duma farms and near Kard Company in Harasta; Omar Dashdash and Kamal Mehi-Eddin were identified among the militia deaths.

Breaking News Network correspondent has pointed out that a unit of the army carried out a special operation targeting a den of an armed group in Deir Salman in the Eastern Ghouta, leaving a large number of its members injured or dead, including Abu Salaa.

Units of the armed forces tracked armed groups affiliated to al-Nusra Front in Rima farms, the neighborhoods of al-Salhiyeh, al-Qa’eh and Ras al-Ein town in Yabroud area and managed to eliminate a considerable number of their elements.

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