Syrian Commander Discloses Repeated Visits by Turkish Officials to Damascus


A senior commander in the operations room of Syria and its allies said that several delegations from Turkey have recently traveled to Damascus to hold talks with the Syrian government officials.

“After surprising political, international and regional comments by Ankara, today, we are have no way but to disclose the visits made by the Turkish delegations to Syria which were not confined to meetings with the Syrian officials, but included Russia and Iran too; the delegations promised peaceful solutions and ignored all preconditions that they had set during the war against Syria. It is obvious to us that the Turkish rulers will not keep their promises and their measures can be described only as mere political hypocrisy,” the commander was quoted as saying by al-Safir newspaper on Thursday.

He underlined that the Turkish government should know that it has been entangled in the quagmire of Syria and will be drowned in it.

Asked about the possibility for reconciliation in Aleppo, the commander said that this week is the last chance for the terrorists inside Aleppo and no negotiations will be held after it, adding that the militants have no way but surrendering to the Syrian government or wait for death.

A senior Syrian military official underlined on Tuesday that the Syrian army and its allies’ firm determination to exercise a complete crackdown on the terrorists in Eastern Aleppo, and said Moscow and Damascus will not accept any proposal by Turkey or the West to make a deal on Aleppo.

Faced with the Syrian army’s advance in the Eastern parts of Aleppo, Turkey has proposed Russia to allow its affiliated forces to enter the strategic city of al-Bab for the terrorists’ evacuation of Eastern Aleppo.

The western, specially British, media have made so much fuss about the Turkey and the EU’s proposal to Syria.

A senior Syrian military official shrugged off all rumors that Moscow has agreed with the proposal, and dismissed differences between Moscow and Damascus on the Aleppo battle.

“The Syrian army and its allies have decided to continue battle in Aleppo until annihilation of the last terrorist,” he underlined.

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