Syrian General: Army Ready to Move to Al-Bab



A retired Brigadier General of the Syrian Army underlined that the ISIL is serving Washington’s interests in Syria and region, adding the US is only trying to impose itself on field equations in Raqqa in Northeastern Syria.

Mohammad Abbas underscored that the US army is trying to be mentioned in field equations in Raqqa (via participation in war on ISIL in Raqqa).

He further added that the ISIL is a mercenary of the US. The terrorist group is serving the interests of Washington in Syria and the entire region.

Abbas further stressed that the Syrian Army troops deployed in Kuweires region East of Aleppo are ready to carry out operation and move towards the town of al-Bab and the city of Raqqa.

Early in October, the US-led coalition fighter jets once again conducted air raids over Deir Ezzur province, destroying two other key bridges over the Euphrates River, just three days after demolishing two other strategic bridges in similar airstrikes in the same region near the border with Iraq.

According to reports, the Coalition’s airstrikes resulted in the destruction of al-Shihan Bridge near al-Salhin neighborhood in al-Bokamal countryside and Tarif Bridge in the Western countryside that extends between Deir Ezzur and Raqqa provinces.

The US-led coalition warplanes had also destroyed al-Asharah Bridge that links the two banks of the river in the Eastern part of the Deir Ezzur province, only few hours after demolishing al-Mayadin Bridge.

The bombers had also targeted the Syrian army troops near the city of Deir Ezzur on September 17, leaving over 90 military personnel dead and a hundred wounded.

Russia’s Defense Ministry confirmed a report by the Syrian state news agency that an ISIL offensive began right after Syrian Army positions were hit by the bombers of the US-led coalition.

The actions of the coalition “clearly paved the way for ISIL terrorists to attack the position and take control of it,” the agency said citing the General Command of the Army and Armed Forces.

The General Command called the bombing a “serious and blatant aggression” against Syrian forces, and said it was “conclusive evidence” that the US and its allies support ISIL terrorist group.

A day later, a military source disclosed that the ISIL launched attacks on the Syrian army positions in Deir Ezzur only 7 minutes after the US-led coalition’s airstrikes.

The military source reiterated that the air and ground assault were highly coordinated.

A Syrian top official said the country’s intelligence unit possesses an audio recording of a conversation between the ISIL group and the US military before the airstrikes by the US-led coalition on the Syrian army troops near Deir Ezzur on September 17.

The speaker of the People’s Council of Syria, Hadiya Khalaf Abbas, said that after the US coalition’s airstrikes on the government troops, US military directed terrorists’ attack on the Syrian army.

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