Syrian Gov’t Advisor: Erdogan West’s Stooge to Ruin Regional Stability


A senior Syrian government adviser strongly criticized Ankara for its interfering policies in Syria, and said Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is a protege of the West to destroy regional stability.
The remarks by Abdelqader Azuz came in reaction to the four conditions set by Erdogan to join the Anti-ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) coalition.

“This approach by Erdogan does not correspond with Turkey’s national interests and it has turned Erdogan to a proxy of the West to destroy the regional stability … in line with the goals of the West and Israel in the region,” Azuz told FNA on Wednesday.

He noted that Erdogan’s demanded safe and no-fly zones is meant to provide the terrorists with the opportunity to gather and create a base to attack the Syrian government’s interests while enjoying the support of the Turkish air force.

Azuz pointed to the conditions set by Erdogan for Turkey to join the US-led fight against the ISIL, and said that Erdogan wants to gain his personal interests through the destruction of both Syria and Turkey.

“Turkey is looking for legitimizing an illegal plan which is against the international law and because it does not have international legitimacy it is considered as an occupation and aggression against Syria; hence Syria can defend itself according to Article 51 of the UN Charter,” he added.

Erdogan in his fourth condition set for Turkey’s full cooperation against the ISIL claimed that the Syrian government should quit the lead in the fight against the Takfiri group.

The four conditions set by Erdogan are imposing safe zones in Syrian territory next to the Turkish border, imposing a no-fly zone in Syrian air space along the Turkish border above those safe zones, training and equipping militant groups apart from ISIL and other al-Qaeda-affiliated groups and the “regime problem” in Syria.

Turkey has long been accused of tolerating ISIL as part of efforts to maintain the war in neighboring Syria. Opposition sources said Turkish intelligence facilitated the supply of terrorists and weapons from Turkey to Syria.

“The Justice and Development Party has shut up when faced with the ISIL terrorist organization, and still says nothing about it,” opposition leader Faruk Logoglu said on Aug 4.

The rise of ISIL has resulted in sectarian attacks in Turkey. They included an attack on a Shiite mosque and reports of recruitment of Turkish nationals for the war in neighboring Iraq.

So far, the government has not responded to opposition demands to disclose ISIL activities and whereabouts. Instead, Erdogan and his aides have complained of lack of NATO support to help control Turkey’s huge border with Iraq and Syria.

“Before it is too late, the intelligence and security forces must be on full alert to stop the growth of these extremist groups, recruitment to ISIL or other terrorist organizations, while the government should issue strong statements that it won’t tolerate these inclinations in a multi-ethnic, multi-religious and multi-sect society,” the Turkish daily Hurriyet said on Aug 2.

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