Syrian Grand Mufti: Syria Will Remain Strong and Impregnable Thanks to Its People

Syrian Grand Mufti Dr. Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun affirmed that Syria will remain strong and impregnable in the face of its enemies thanks to the solidarity of its people and will continue to defend the Arab and Islamic nations.

In a lecture delivered on Tuesday at Al-Assad National Library, Hassoun said that the campaign against Syria employs all forms of methods and weapons and seeks to destroy and divide Syria, pointing out to the large number of martyrs who fell victim to the aggression against Syria, the destruction that affected cities, and the displacement of families.

He noted that throughout history, Syria faced many campaigns of aggression and destruction, yet it remained giving and hospitable.

Hassoun said that called on those who consider themselves to be opposition to engage in dialogue and return to Syria, making the people their compass instead of asking help from countries that are well-known for their hostility towards the region, affirming that these countries aren’t actually supporting the opposition; rather their actions seek to guarantee Israel’s security.

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