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Syrian lawmaker says Kurds should ask Damascus for protection, US abandoned them


The United States has abandoned Syrian Kurds after years of support, and Damascus is now the only actor that can protect them from Turkey’s military campaign, Syrian lawmaker Ahmad Merhi told Sputnik.

“Kurds have a chance to come back to the Syrian state and to hold serious dialogue, as well as to take part in national dialogue [instead] of fighting. Here I can say that only Syrian state can give a guarantee to Kurds, who tried to get guarantees from the US, but failed, since the US cannot give them this guarantee… In fact, according to local sources, the US troops had started going out of Manbij city, before they announced that it won’t go out of Syria to save Kurds. The fact is that the US has abandoned them,” Syrian lawmaker Ahmad Merhi told Sputnik on Thursday.

Source: Sputnik
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