Syrian Official: Khan Sheikhoun Liberation Turning Point in Failure of Ankara Plots

The Ankara-backed terrorists have totally lost their morale after the Syrian Army took full control of the strategic city of Khan Sheikhoun in Southern Idlib and Turkey failed to achieve its goals there, a Syrian official said.

After the Syrian Army took full control of Khan Sheikoun and foiled Ankara’s plots, the terrorists have lost their hope in Ankara as they were waiting for further supports from Turkey, Idlib deputy governor-general Mohammad Fadi al-Sadoun said, pointing to the political importance of the liberation of Khan Sheikhoun which is the second largest city in Idlib province.

He pointed to the resignation of five Turkish officers, including one of the commanders in charge of Idlib operations after the liberation of Khan Sheikhoun and Northern Hama, and said that these development show Ankara’s defeat vis-à-vis Syrian Army’s achivements and that the continuous victories of the Syrian Army will influence Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s political future.

Al-Sadoun, meantime, pointed to the Russian officials’ statements before Erdogan’s visit to Russia on the need for putting an end to terrorism in Idlib, and said that while Erdogan has not fulfilled any of his pledges under the Sochi Agreement including his commitment to expel terrorists from the demilitarized zone, the Turkish Army has increased its military equipment and hardware in the region.

In a relevant development on Thursday, the media reports revealed that Turkey has decided to establish four new monitoring posts in Idlib province to block the Syrian army’s rapid advances in the region.

The Arabic-language al-Baladi news website affiliated to the militants reported on Thursday that the Turkish forces want to set up 4 new supervision points near the town of Saraqib, the town of Ariha on Aleppo-Lattakia road in Southern Idlib, the town of Mahmabal and the town of Jisr al-Shaqour in Western Idlib.

It also quoted a field source as saying on Wednesday that a high-ranking Turkish military delegation along with a number of terrorist commanders entered Idlib province through Kafar Lousin passageway, visiting several positions in the South, East and West.

Sources affiliated to the terrorists also confirmed that Turkey intends to strengthen its deployment in Idlib province to prevent the US army advance in the region.

The Syrian army started a new phase of military operations in Southeastern Idlib, regaining control over several strategic regions and approaching the town of al-Tamane’ah.

In a relevant development on Tuesday, the Arabic-language media said that the Turkish government is trying to prevent the Syrian Army troops’ advances towards the strategic city of Ma’aret al-Numan in Southern Idlib by setting up new military posts as the Damascus government forces are regaining control of more regions.

The Arabic-language Xeber24 quoted media activists in Idlib as saying that the Turkish Army troops in a new attempt in Idlib have set up new observation posts in Heish region and Water Pump station in Sida near Ma’aret al-Numan city in Southern Idlib.

They pointed to the entry of Turkish military delegation, including 16 Turkish officers, to the two regions, and said that Ankara intends to set up a new military base for its troops and the terrorist groups.

The media activists reiterated that the Tal-e Heish (Heish hilltops) strategic region is directly overlooking Ma’aret al-Numan Highway in Southern Idlib and Mourek in Northern Hama.

Ankara is trying to build new structures in Southern Idlib as the Syrian Army intends to make advances towards Ma’aret al-Numan city in Southern Idlib with the aim of liberating Aleppo-Damascus Highway after its recent victory in taking full control of Khan Sheikhoun.

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