Syrian Opposition Acknowledges Army Progress in Homs

Syrian Opposition Acknowledges Army Progress in Homs

The Syrian army attained progress on Wednesday in one of the neighborhoods of the central city of Homs, which witnesses violent clashes as the army is attempting to regain control over the entire city, according to the opposing UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

In a phone call with Agence France Presse, the director of the observatory Rami Abdul Rahman said the Syrian Army regained control over large parts of Wadi al-Sayeh neighborhood of Homs.

“The Syrian army heavily bombards Wadi al-Sayeh and advances cautiously in the neighborhood which witnesses violent clashes with the militants,” he stated.

Abdul Rahman added that the Syrian army has recently been in Wadi al-Sayeh, but was unable to advance due to the sniping actions carried out by the militants, noting that Wadi al-Sayeh separates the Old Homs from al-Khaledeya neighborhood.

Both regions are militants’ strongholds and have been besieged by the Syrian army for more than a year.

“If the Syrian army controlled Wadi al-Sayeh, it would be much easier to control the neighborhoods of Old Homs and al-Kahledya,” Abdul Rahman said, arguing that progress in Wadi al-Sayeh is part of an attempt by the army to control the entire city of Homs.

The Syrian news agency SANA has also reported that the Syrian army kept on chasing the militant groups in Homs city and countryside, inflicting them heavy losses.

“Peace and security were restored in Wadi al-Sayeh neighborhood,” SANA added.

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