Syrian People Continue Protests AL Decision against Syria

Syrian people continued on Tuesday their protests against the Arab League decision on suspending the membership of Syria.

Outside the Arab League Office in Damascus, hundreds of Syrian people gathered to express their rejection of the decision, highlighting their support to the independent national decision.

“We came here today to tell the Arab League that the resolution is categorically rejected by the Syrian people, and it will never weaken Syria; rather it will increase the Syrian people’s resolve to be committed to their Syrian identity and leadership,” a protester told SANA reporter.

At the Umayyad Square, Syrian ladies, who cut their hair, resumed, for the second consecutive day, their open sit-in in rejection of the AL resolution.

A lady who cut her hair told SANA, “What we did is an old Arab tradition that women used to do to show disrespect of men. Today we did that to show that we, as Arab women, are ashamed to have such an Arab stance which contributed to issuing the resolution against Syria.”

In the cities of al-Bab and Manbej in Aleppo province, tens of thousands of people gathered to express their condemnation of the AL resolution and their rejection of foreign interference in Syria’s internal affairs.

The people stressed the importance of national dialogue, pointing out that the Syrian people took to the street immediately after the Arab League resolution was announced to send a message to those who want to ignite sedition among the unified Syrian people.

They reiterated their support to the comprehensive reform process and independent national decision to preserve the sovereignty of Syria.

Arab Student Organizations Condemn AL Decision
The Arab student organizations at Damascus University issued a statement condemning the decision of the Arab League to suspend Syria’s delegation’s participation in its meetings and stressing their standing by the steadfast Syrian people and the Syrian leadership to foil the conspiracy against Syria.

They described the decision as “irresponsible, saying with this decision the Arab League poses new dangers to the Arab national security and provides the appropriate cover to the colonialist powers seeking to fragment the Arab world, loot its resources and undermine the unity of its people and land.

The Arab organizations affirmed that Syria agreed on the AL Initiative and adhered to it from the first moment as it has also announced its cooperation with any sincere Arab effort.

They said that the decision came to put an end to the joint Arab action through the Arab League’s deviation from its main objective in that “instead of being an arbiter in the conspiracy against Syria, it has acted as an adversary from the start and turned blind eyes to all the painful facts and events that took place in Syria.”

“In its latest illegal decision which violated the AL Charter, the Arab League confirms that it has become a hostage to a group of reactionary powers implementing a foreign agenda to undermine Syria’s steadfastness and its noble pan-Arab principles of defending the Resistance and the Arab Right,” the organizations concluded.

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