Syrian PM al-Halqi: Bread, Flour and Heating Oil Shortage Coming to an End

20121227-170607_h459321Prime Minister Dr. Wael al-Halqi said that the shortage in bread, flour and heating oil is on its way to be addressed due to a package of procedures, indicating that the government is bent on pushing ahead with efforts to provide citizens with basic needs.

During his meeting on Thursday with MPs representing Damascus governorate, Dr. al-Halqi underlined the importance of the MPs role in maintaining direct contacts with citizens and addressing their problems through contacting the governmental bodies concerned.

Dr. al-Halqi said that Syria is open to all political initiatives that aim to solve the crisis in a way that preserves its sovereignty and unity away from foreign meddling, hailing the sacrifices of the Syrian Arab army for establishing security and stability on the Syrian soil.

The MPs stressed rejection of all forms of extremism and violence and adherence to national principles, lauding the sacrifices of the Syrian army to restore security and stability and abort the conspiracy.

Al-Halqi Emphasizes Reinforcement of the Judiciary to Serve Justice

Premier al-Halqi said that reinforcing the judiciary figures as a top priority for the government, being the keystone for serving justice and equality among citizens.

During his meeting on Thursday with Head of the Council of State, Dr. Mohammad Youssef al-Hussein, Dr. al-Halqi stressed the importance of upgrading the Council’s performance through providing it with young cadres and embracing teamwork to achieve administrative democracy and extend bridges of trust between the state and citizens.

He also stressed the necessity of facilitating procedures and shortening the period of prosecution and establishing courts affiliated to the Council, emphasizing the significance of uprooting corruption and preserving the state’s and citizens’ rights in litigation.

He wished Dr. al-Hussein success in his mission to develop this vital body.

For his part, Dr. al-Hussein expressed a genuine desire to develop the Council to assume its positive role in the lives of citizens and the state.

Al-Halqi Underlines Role of NPF Parties in Repelling Aggression against Syria

Dr. al-Halqi also met with Secretary-General of the Arab Socialist Movement, Mohammad al-Ahmad and a number of the political bureau members.

During the meeting, Dr. al-Halqi affirmed that Syria will deflate the hopes of conspirators and get out victorious from the crisis, thanks to the unity among people and their support to the valiant Syrian armed forces, underlining the importance of cooperation and coordination with the Syrian people to get out of the crisis.

He also emphasized the important role of the National Progressive Front parties and the national parties in repelling the fierce onslaught against Syria, which seeks to undermine the Syrian state and disintegrate the Syrian society, with a view to eliminating Syria’s role in the region.

Later, Dr. al-Halqi gave a thorough economic review, highlighting the urgent economic procedures adopted by the government to iron out difficulties facing citizens.

He added that the government’s procedures began to bear fruit as some basic needs have been provided, including flour, bread and oil derivatives.

Dr. al-Halqi said that dialogue and national reconciliation on the basis of national sovereignty can make a success of the national project that aims to build a modern Syria.

For his part, al-Ahmad and the political bureau members hailed the government’s successful procedures to cater to the citizens’ needs, affirming that the battle waged against Syria has political, military, economic and social dimensions.

They also highly valued the role of the armed forces in confronting terrorism and enhancing the spirit of dialogue and national reconciliation.

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