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Syrian President addresses army on 75th anniversary of its founding

On Saturday, Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad addressed the Syrian Armed Forces on the occasion of the seventy-fifth anniversary of the founding of the army.

In his speech , President Al-Assad said:

Men of heroism, determination, and determination. Today, I address you with feelings of pride and appreciation on the occasion of the seventy-fifth anniversary of the founding of the Syrian Arab Army, and I salute you in salutations for the well-to-do heroes, the protectors of the homes and the makers of victory. Which embodies the firmness and roots of the values ​​of authenticity and belonging, and the renewal and resurgence of the present and the future, entitled dignity, sovereignty and patriarchy.

O brave sons of our armed forces, you were with our proud people in the various stages of this aggressive terrorist war, as masters, liberators, and fathers, at a time when some imagined that they were capable of subjugating your will and undermining your will, and you brought down the delusions of their arrogance, and confronted the ravages of the forces of evil and terrorism who continued their treachery and aggression, and prove, in the midst of challenges and in the midst of battles, that you are the people of steadfastness, sacrifice, courage and courage … You do not know fear or hesitation, and you are not satisfied with glory and highness as an alternative.

My valiant heroes of our army … I congratulate you once again on this glorious day as you renew the covenant that you pledged in defense of the land and sovereignty and the preservation of honor and dignity … and I invite you to continue your victorious path … Freeing the entire soil of the homeland from the splint of terrorism and the desecration of occupation .. You are complicated by hope and confidence .. How long will the aspirations rise, the glories will be fulfilled, and the homeland will be victorious … Mercy and eternity will be for the souls of our righteous martyrs … and the recovery of our heroic wounds.

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