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Syrian Refugees in Lebanon hopeful of return home


For the last three years, Syrians have been pouring into Lebanon to take refuge as a result of the war in their country. Lately, with the retreat of armed insurgents from several areas, more and more Syrians are thinking of returning.
The Syrian government has already set up refugee camps for those who hav been displaced inside the country, and is providing them with necessary needs. The Syrian ambassador to Lebanon told Press TV that the government is not only working on providing shelter, but other basic needs until their towns are rebuilt. As we head to the Lebanese-Syrian Masnaa border crossing in the Bekaa area, most cars have Syrian license plates. We asked some of these people if they were hopeful that they would return to Syria: Syrians see Lebanon as a place where they can take refuge because of their relatives and friends there. However, the Syrian refugees in Lebanon are now growing hopeful that they could eventually return home.

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