Syrian Security Forces Seize Car Carrying Artillery Shells for Terrorists in Sweida



The Syrian security forces seized a car loaded with artillery shells bound for Takfiri terrorist groups in the Northwestern countryside of Sweida province on Thursday.

The car also carried B9mm rounds sent for the militants stationed in Eastern al-Badiya Desert.

Also on Tuesday, the Syrian army troops informed by the intelligence agents and local forces in the Southern part of the country, seized two trucks of arms cargos, including US and Israel-made mines, in two parts of Sweida province.

The cargos of militants’ weapons and ammunition, including RPG, landmines and various types of ammunition, were seized by the Syrian army in two separate operations in the Eastern and Northeastern deserts of Sweida province.

There were 90 anti-tank Israeli and US made mines, 25 RPG Shells and a number of BKS machinegun boxes in the seized cargoes.

The Southern province of Sweida, bordering Jordan, has since 2011 been one of the main spots for the infiltration of foreign terrorists and smuggling of arms cargoes to the militant groups inside Syria.

Also in late February, the Syrian army, after receiving tips from its intelligence agents, seized a vehicle loaded with large volume of ammunition on a road in the Southern part of Sweida province.

The cargo of militants’ weapons and ammunition, including RPG and mortar shells, was seized by the Syrian army on a road toward the Eastern Desert (Badiya).

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