Syrian Soldiers Seize New Village in Aleppo Province



Syrian army troops attacked terrorists’ positions in Aleppo province, and regained control of a new village and its surrounding farms.

The Syrian Army and popular forces drove the militant groups back from their positions in the Eastern countryside of Aleppo province, and took control of al-Sreib village and the surrounding farms.

Battlefield reports said also that the Syrian soldiers inflicted heavy losses on the Takfiri terrorists, and managed to kill and injure scores of them.

Following the victory of the government troops in the region, scores of militants fled their positions and ran away to the neighboring villages.

The Syrian army continue to march on militants’ positions in the Northern Province of Aleppo as the country’s warplanes target the terrorists. The Syrian warplanes bombed militants’ positions in the neighborhoods of al-Sukari and al-Zabadieh and the towns of Hayan and Beyanon as well as the villages of al-Tamoura, Ratian and Ma’arseta al-Khan in Aleppo province on Thursday.

The Syrian army troops had managed to seize back more territory in the Northern Province of Aleppo after fierce clashes with the ISIL Takfiri terrorists on Wednesday, gained control of the area between the villages of Ein al-Beida and Aisheh. They also captured the water pumping station in the area.

The army said earlier on Wednesday that its troops engaged in heavy clashes with the ISIL militants in the Eastern part of Aleppo province and pushed them back form more lands.

“The Syrian army troops drove the ISIL back from Ein al-Beida village and its surrounding farms in the Eastern part of the province near the newly liberated village of Aisheh,” the army said.

“The village and its nearby farms are under full control of the army and the ISIL has fled the battlefield after leaving behind many of members dead and wounded,” the army added.

Army forces, backed by Syrian warplanes, destroyed Takfiri terrorists’ positions and killed a group of militants in the Northern Province of Aleppo. Syrian air raids destroyed positions, fortifications and machine gun-equipped vehicles of al-Nusra Front and the other Takfiri terrorist groups in al-Mansoura village in the West of Aleppo city on Wednesday.

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