Syrians back home after Adra liberation


Hundreds of Syrian families have returned to their homes in Adra al-Omalia after the country’s armed forces recaptured the strategic town from Takfiri terrorists late last month.

According to Press TV, the Syrian government facilitated the return of displaced residents to Adra al-Omalia by repairing the electricity network and water lines and removing the rubble of the buildings destroyed in heavy fighting between the army and terrorists in the southern town.
A Syrian woman told Press TV as she was checking her place upon her return to the town for the first time after nine months “I did not expect seeing my apartment ruined like this. May God take our revenge from those terrorists, but thank God my apartment is not damaged like the others.”
In late September, the Syrian army managed to regain full control of the Adra al-Omalia, located northeast of the capital, Damascus, after killing large numbers of extremist terrorists and forcing many others to flee the area.
The new victory came nearly a year after Takfiri terrorists took control of the town in December 2013. The violence fueled by the Takfiri groups had uprooted thousands of civilians in Adra al-Omalia from their homes.

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