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Syria’s Letter to UN, UNHRC: Reports on Syria Politicized, Non-Professional, Selective, Non-Objective and Agree with Agendas for Destroying Syria

Syria on Thursday depicted the misleading reports provided by the High Commissioner for Human Rights (HCHR) and so-called International Commission of Inquiry on Syria as ” politicized, non-professional, selective and non-objective”.

In a letter to the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) and to the Human Rights Council (HRC), in response to the misleading reports on the situation in Syria, Syria said these reports agree with the agendas of certain countries that want to destroy Syria and militarily intervene in it under the pretext of protecting civilians.

The letter added these reports turned a blind eye to the dangerous violations of the human rights perpetrated by the terrorist groups and the millions of dollars that flow to them in the form of money, weapons and as logistic and media support to sabotage Syria and kill people.

“Syria has cooperated with all UN bodies and provided them with many documents and documented information about the situation in Syria, but all that was ignored and called as allegations, ” the letter included.

The letter stressed that Syria has formed a neutral, honest and independent judicial committee to investigate all the crimes committed within the framework of the current events.

“The committee is working tirelessly to unveil the truth for the rest of the victims’ souls and to punish perpetrators.We repeatedly made clear that the work of this committee is continuous and the government does not want to anticipate the committee work and provide non-objective outcomes or results that serve political goals, as the International Commission of Inquiry did in its report, ” the letter said.

The letter added:” We have reiterated our readiness to cooperate with the International Commission of Inquiry once the Syrian investigation committee achieves tangible results, but some refused and listened to politicians, journalists and non-governmental organizations and some outlaws,”

The letter inquired whether the committee listened to the martyr Sari Saoud’s family members, to the testimony of the deceased Zainab, who was listed as a civilian killed by the security forces according to journalist information, who later proved to be alive, or to the testimony of a family member of Brigadier General Abdo Khudr al-Tallawy who, along with his three children, were killed and mutilated in cold blood.

The letter asked why all the documented information offered by Syria about the child Hamza al-Khatib were rejected, preferring to depend on some false and misleading media reports to throw out dangerous charges against Syria?

The letter said the misleading reports about Syria based on interviews with politicians, journalists, some foreign citizens abroad and the beneficiaries of the destruction of Syria who are involved in the events that daily kill the Syrians, Some of those are directly concerned with fabricating news against Syria and hands of the others are stained with the Syrian blood.

“Some have closed their ears to the voice of the real victims. How some claim neutrality and objectivity and they did not meet any of the victims previously mentioned and many others who have suffered from the terrorism woes.”

The letter said hundreds of terrorists confessed to killing demonstrators, looting, mutilating bodies, horrifying people, and fabricating news for money received by some neighboring countries as they confessed to killing those who refused to demonstrate with them or participate in destroying Syria, as they boasted by perpetrating that.

“Confirmations of Syria and a number of news agencies ,which led the campaign against Syria, regarding the presence of armed groups that kill innocents and target army, security forces and scientists were ignored,” the letter added.

“On May, 22, 2011, Syria informed the Office of HCHR that 260 army and security forces’ members were martyred in armed attacks as to hold the attention to the non-peaceful events taking place in Syria… since that time, the number of martyrs has increased to 600 by August 20, 2011 and 1100 martyrs by October 19, 2011… To date, the number has exceeded 2000 army and security forces’ martyrs at a time some parties insist on their rejection of listening or believing that there are terrorist operations in Syria. Is there any place for those in the resolutions taken by the UNGA, UNSC and HRC ?

“No indication has been made on destroying railways and oil transfer pipelines, burning schools, hospitals and official institutions, or destroying economy and infrastructures, do not their victims deserve attention?” The letter woundered.

“In a flagrant violations of the right to life and prevent extrajudicial executions, Syrian citizens have been terrified, forced to flee their houses and properties to sectarian areas, killed and mutilated to divide the country into sectarian regions. Don’t they deserve to get attention?” The letter went on to say.

“Some parties used the international investigation committee’s politicized, selective and systematic report which lacks professionality and accuracy to make recommendations regarding intensifying the campaign launched against Syria. According to this, the Office of HCHR report or statements cannot be separated from the campaign,”

The international investigation committee has failed to commit to one of the UN Charter main articles which bans the use of military force or the threat to use force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state,”

The letter stressed that the only solution for the crisis is the national dialogue, regretting the failure of the HCHR and the International Commission of Inquiry in calling for national dialogue but it preferred to violate the Syrian people’s right to life through calling for foreign intervention in Syria.

Syria stressed that “it chooses to make reforms, respond to the people’s demands and investigate current events. Syria chose dialogue and we expected cooperation to achieve it and move the country into better future peacefully rather than calls for foreign interference under the guise of ‘protecting civilians’.

In the conclusion of the letter, Syria called for listening to the voice of right, justice, objectivity and conveying the reality according to the people who lived it not according to allegations of people who live thousands of miles from Syria and they are involved in killing and terrifying the Syrians.

Syria also called for not to be drawn by calls for foreign interference in Syria and to restore the real role of the UNGA and UNSC in investigating violations of human rights and supporting reform and dialogue in Syria to come out of the crisis which shed the Syrian blood serving foreign schemes which don’t contribute to enhancing or protecting human rights.

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