Taeb: Resistance Economy only way to conquer sanctions


Head of the Ammar Strategic Base Hojjatoleslam Mehdi Taeb said on Saturday that Resistance Economy as already advised by the Supreme Leader is the only way to deal with sanctions.
Taeb: Resistance Economy only way to conquer sanctions
Speaking in the meeting dubbed unity between theological school and bazaar at Vakil mosque in Kerman, he said the US Administration has damaged the world trade system.

Since Americans print dollars without any reserve, the currency is of no value, he said.

‘Our people have come to the scene and their progress will lead to disappoint the enemies,’ he said.

He said that the US Administration has perpetrated crimes against humanity by the arbitrary sanctions on food and medical supplies, petrochemical industries, oil and gas.

Iran is the safest and most faithful client in the international markets, he said.

35 years of economic sanctions against Iran has brought some dlrs 18,000 billion of debts to US administration, he said.

He said that the enemies impose various sets of economic sanctions to deal a serious blow to the Islamic revolution, but to no avail.

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