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Takfir is much more dangerous than mass destruction weapons

n00150860-bFormer Mufti in Australia, Taj Al-Din Alhelali in an exclusive interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA) beckoned to the negative fallouts of Takfiri movements, urging Muslims to block these groups in their moving forward.

“Takfir is much more dangerous than mass destruction weapons,” said the religious cleric stating that Islamic Ummah is wrestling with this hazardous threat.

The religious cleric put accentuation on the necessity of unity among Muslim nations for standing against such threat and said this willful thought provides the fertile ground for regime of Zionism so as to fulfill their malignant aims.

Former Mufti in Australia underscored Takfiri groups without the barest trace of mercy accept no religion.

Taj Al-Din Alhelali mentioned for many times the prominent Shia and Sunni clerics urged Muslims to refrain from upsetting the balance, but they are unfortunately well on the way in accomplishing their malignant aims.

Along with him, other religious scholars in the 27th international Islamic Unity Conference underscored that some western countries stood behind Takfiri groups and would end up to the situation in which they cannot spot the spread of putrid smell of crime committed by these groups worldwide and even the negative fallouts of these groups would impinge on these western countries.

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