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Tehran’s interim Friday Prayers leader slams deadly violence in Mideast

Substitute Friday Prayers Leader of Tehran Hujjat al-Islam Kazem Sadiqi in his second Friday prayers sermon this week condemned the deadly carnage conducted by the Bahraini, Saudi and the UAE rulers.
Addressing hundreds of thousands of worshipers at Tehran University, Sadiqi reiterated, ‘the violence committed by the Bahraini, Saudi and the UAE rulers are the same as the Zionists’ atrocities against oppressed Palestinians in Gaza.”

The Friday preacher of Tehran added, ‘Bahrain, Yemen and Libya issues are originated from awakening of the nations.’

Sadiqi said: ”Awakening is the first step for victory of the nations.”

Substitute Friday Prayers Leader added: ”Resistance is the only way for victory of the Libyan people.”

The Friday preacher of Tehran reiterated, ‘The US amid its supports from Yemen would yield to the uprisings in near future.”

Condemning the burning of the holy Quran in the US which sparked protests in several countries, the Tehran Friday Prayers leader said, ‘This bold and impolite gesture against holy Quran means that the US rulers are scared of Islam.”

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