Tehran International Book Fair opens


The 26th Tehran International Book Fair (TIBF), Iran’s biggest trade show of books, opened during a ceremony.
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Mohammad Hosseini and groups of Iranian and foreign publishers attended the opening ceremony.

Over 150 specialized meetings and book unveiling sessions will be held on the sidelines of the book fair, culture minister Hosseini mentioned during a press conference on Monday.

The second day of the TIBF coincided with the birthday of Hazrat Fatima (SA). Consequently, organizers have dedicated a section entitled “The Lady of Light” for books on the daughter of Prophet Muhammad (S).

They have also allocated a section for books on the Persian Gulf.

TIBF will also organize over 40 workshops on library and information science, Hosseini said.

He added that culture ministers of the Asian countries have been invited to attend a meeting during the book fair.

Persian books published over the past year have been offered in the Yas Hall.

“For the first time, TIBF allocated a section to electronic publishers and over 100 digital publishers are taking part in the event,” Hosseini stated.

When Hosseini was asked about India’s reluctance to attend the TIBF, he said that Iran asked India to be the guest of honor at this year’s book fair, but the country gave no response to Iran’s invitation.

Over 90 publishing companies have been invited to attend the TIBF’s World Book Market, a section which has been established to boost cooperation between Iranian and foreign publishers.

A total of 77 Publishers from different countries including Britain, U.S., Germany, India, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and Lebanon are attending the TIBF this year.

Bertelsmann, a German foundation is scheduled to hold an educational seminar on copyrights on the sidelines of the book fair.

The 26th Tehran International Book Fair will be underway at Imam Khomeili Mosalla until May 11.

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