Zionist SlaughtererTel Aviv threatens to attack Syria

Tel Aviv threatens to attack Syrian

The chief of the United Nations Peacekeeping forces has said tensions between Israel and Syria is its apex in 40 years.
Herve Ladsous UN peacekeeping chief in Syria, in a closed emergency session of the UN Security Council meetings on Friday night said that Israel had threatened to attack Syrian troops near the border in Golan Heights, Haaretz reported.

He added: “Israeli threat came during the clashes between armed terrorists and the Syrian Forces near the border.”

“The [apartheid] IDF and Syrian military were on the verge of the most direct military clash between the two countries in the past 40 years,” Ladsous said.

He claimed that armed terrorists in Syria had been able to achieve some progress, and this has prompted the Syrian army to deploy five tanks and five armored vehicles in Golan Heights demilitarized zone.”

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