Tens of Terrorists Arrive in Turkey to Enter Idlib Province


A sum of 150 gunmen of Jeish al-Islam terrorist group have arrived in Turkey to participate in a military operation in Idlib province in Northwestern Syria, a media outlet reported Monday.

The Arabic-language Smart news quoted well-informed sources as saying that 150 gunmen of Jeish al-Islam militant group crossed Northern Aleppo’s border into Turkey and arrived in the town of Antakya.

The news website further said that the militants have deployed at the positions of the Euphrates Shield Operation via Hoor Kilis passageway at Syria-Turkey border.

Smart news went on to say that the Jeish al-Islam militants have deployed in Antakya to participate in the military operation in Idlib province, adding that almost 2,000 fully-equipped militants are now at an Antakya base.

Relevant reports said on Sunday that several vehicles of the Turkish Army crossed the border into Syria and entered Idlib province following clashes between the Turkish soldiers and Ankara-backed militants with Al-Nusra Front.

The militant-affiliated websites reported that the Turkish army units and Al-Nusra fighters engaged in sporadic clashes near the town of Kafr Loseen in Northern Idlib along the border between Syria and Turkey.

The websites quoted eye-witnesses as saying that several vehicles of the Turkish army, carrying Turkish soldiers, entered Idlib province via Atmah passageway.

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