Tens of Terrorists Killed in Failed Attack on Syrian Army Strongholds in Idlib Province

 The Syrian Army troops repelled a heavy attack of Al-Nusra Front (Tahrir al-Sham Hay’at or the Levant Liberation Board) near the Abu al-Dhohour airbase on Monday, killing over fifty terrorists.

The army men, backed up by the Russian and Syrian fighter jets, fought back Al-Nusra and the Islamic al-Turkistani Party near the town of al-Mosheirefeh and Tal (hill) Sultan Northwest of Abu al-Dhohour airbase, killing over fifty terrorists.

The army destroyed several military vehicles of the terrorists, including a bomb-laden car near Tal Sultan.

Dissident-affiliated websites reported on Sunday that terrorist groups in Idlib set up yet another Joint Operation Room to counter the Syrian Army’s rapid advances in Southeastern and Eastern Idlib.

The websites said that Ahrar al-Sham, Faylaq al-Sham, Jeish al-Ahrar, Jeish Idlib al-Hor, Jeish al-Izzah, Jeish al-Nasr, Nouralddeen al-Zinki, Jeish al-Nokhba, al-Jeish al- Thani, Liwa al-Arbaeen and al-Ferqa al-Owla Mashah terrorist groups set up a new Joint Operation Room known as Dahr al-Qazah.

Spokesman for Ahrar al-Sham Omar Khatab said that the main objective behind setting up the Operation Room was preventing the army from advancing in Idlib province.

The terrorist groups had previously set up the two operation rooms of Rad al-Toqyan and En Allaha Ala Narahom al-Qadir in Idlib that both were dismantled after they failed to score any victory.

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