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Tensions high between Sudan and Egypt after Turkish President Erdogan’s visit to Sudan


After Erdogan visit to Sudan in late December, tension between Sudan and Egypt was remain high. Sudan announced its decision to summon its ambassador to Egypt for consultation, hours after the head of the Sudanese Border Technical Committee, Abdullah Al-Sadiq, accused Egypt of trying to “drag Sudan into direct [military] clashes.”

The photo shows the Ottoman-era Suakin Island on Sudan’s Red Sea coast.

During Erdogan’s visit, Sudan agreed to hand over the Ottoman-era Suakin Island on Sudan’s Red Sea coast to Ankara. Turkey plans to use this island as a strategic base for political purposes.

Bashir and Erdogan also signed key agreements on a variety of issues just three months after Turkey formally opened a $50 million military training base in the African country as Ankara wields growing influence in the region.

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