Tensions rise in flood stricken Kashmir

Tensions rise in flood stricken Kashmir

Tensions are rising in Indian-controlled Kashmir as authorities prevent aid from reaching flood-hit regions, Press TV reports.

Pakistani officials have urged the Indian government to open the borders and allow relief aid and rescue workers access to the flood stricken residents in the region.

Pakistan’s parliament has also issued a resolution, asking the United Nations for an intervention in the situation.

India has left helpless Kashmiris on their own, and has left hundreds of bodies unburied, parts of the resolution read.

Political analyst Sheikh Showkat told the Press TV correspondent in Kashmir that the Indian government wants to hide the truth about the situation in Kashmir, saying, “Actually they (Indian authorities) are scared that once they accept international aid, so many international NGO’s and international organizations will come to Kashmir. And once they come to Kashmir, they will know the reality and the feelings of the people.”
Haheem Gandroo, a UAE-based relief aid representative, told the correspondent that they asked the Indian consulate in Dubai to help send a shipment of humanitarian aid to the area but “the Indian consulate didn’t agree to it. They said no relief should go out from UAE.”

According to reports, the destruction made by the recent flood is the worst in the past 109 years of Kashmir’s history.

Hilal Ahmad, a local relief camp representative, also criticized New Delhi’s handling of the situation, saying that the Indian government is unnecessarily introducing its army forces as heroes while they have done nothing to help the people there.

Health experts have warned that stagnant waters in the aftermath of the devastating floods could create conditions for serious disease outbreaks in the Himalayan region.

Doctors say they have already witnessed cases of diarrhea, skin allergies and fungus, and worry that a crisis could be looming with countless bloated livestock carcasses floating across the waterlogged region.


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