Terrorism, tool at the hands of the enemy of Islam


Sheikh Abbas Di Palma, the head of the Imam Mahdi Islamic Association of Italy said: “Muslim population is bombed often under military or terrorist attack, in the West mosques are attacked and Muslim are discriminated in the public life. Terrorism is clearly a tool at the hands of the enemy of Islam,” reported Rasa News.

Regarding the satiric French Magazine’s publication of holy prophet Muhammad’s cartoon, he said: “The last Prophet of Islam has been insulted and attacked since the beginning of his mission in Mecca. It is therefore a continuation of the oppression and falsehood that have been spread since his arrival amongst us as mercy to mankind.”

Sheikh Di Palma considered the role of the western intelligence services regarding the Charlie Hebdo attack as a “possibility” adding that “the reason behind that would be the implementation of a specific agenda laid down to undermine Islam and Muslims worldwide, to increase hatred towards them and presenting them as terrorist.”

“Obviously today this aggression took a specific form but it is rooted in the same satanic sentiment whose purpose is to extinguish the light of God and replace it with arrogance, hypocrisy and spiritual blindness,” he added.

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