Terrorist attack thwarted in Iraq’s Diyala

Iraqi security forces managed to thwart a terrorist attack in Diyala province by carrying out an intelligence operation.

Iraqi security forces announced on Sunday that a terrorist operation in Diyala province has been thwarted.

According to the report, an ISIL terrorist intended to target civilians by importing a bomb-laden motorcycle into Diyala province and stationing it on one of Baqubah streets.

The series of operations of the Iraqi army and popular mobilization forces against the remnants of the Takfiris in different parts of the country continues.

Earlier, Iraqi army and popular mobilization forces targeted ISIL takfiri positions in the al-Muttaqi area. Following this operation, a number of Takfiri elements were identified and arrested.

In recent weeks, Iraqi forces have found and destroyed a number of tunnels belonging to ISIL takfiri terrorists

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