Terrorist Hamadi Confesses to Murdering Protestors and Passengers of Bus Coming from Lebanon with Intent of Framing Security Forces

Terrorist Ali Mohammad Hamadi on Sunday confessed to murdering protestors and civilians including all the passengers of a bus coming from Lebanon with the intent of framing security forces.

In televised confessions broadcast by the Syrian TV, Hamadi said that he and a man named Rateb Abdelkader Alawiye had plotted smuggling of fuel, and under that pretense he accompanied Alawiye and met Fahed Fallaha.

Hamadi said that Alawiye and Fallaha were using a Skoda Octavia and wore military uniform, and that upon joining them they gave him a pump-action shotgun, while they themselves carried a shotgun and a machinegun.

He said that they drove near a location containing protestors in Bab Amro area in Homs and opened fire on them, killing 13 and injuring 7, and upon inquiring about the reason behind this act he was told by Alawiye that it was meant to incite people against security forces and blaming them for the crime. Hamadi was paid 500 Pounds for his involvement and was told that they would go out again on the next day.

“We went out thinking that there was a protest but we didn’t find any… we waited for protestors for two days but they never came out to protest,” he said, adding that at a later time Alawiye offered to let him lead an armed group and he grouped.

Alawiye put him in charge of seven gunmen carrying rifles including AK-47s and pump-action shotguns.

Hamadi said that they went out on a Friday in search of a large protest but didn’t see any and decided to split into two groups to attack a military checkpoint, with one group circling through fields and the other heading towards the highway.

“When I heard the first shot, I emerged with my group and opened fire… Alawiye opened fire from his machine gun and killed 10 or 12,” he said.

Hamadi said that two days later Alawiye recruited him for an operation in Telkalakh, and on the way Alawiye received a message. When Hamadi inquired about it, Alawiye told him to mind his own business and that he just had to take his money and be silent.

He said that they stopped at an intersection and were told by Alawiye that a white bus with Idleb number plates was coming, adding that both Alawiye and Fallaha were wearing military uniforms. The two told the rest to stay put and open fire at the buss when the first shot is fired.

“We did what he asked… after shooting the bus it stopped 150 meters away… Alawiye went there fired more than a hundred rounds from his machinegun at the buss and the people in it then came back,” Hamadi said, adding that Alawiye came back to them and reported all the bus passengers dead.

He concluded by pointing out that Alawiye used to smuggle fuel from Syria to Lebanon, and that he received with 10 to 15 thousand pounds from him.

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