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Terrorist ISIL Plunders Civilians in Mosul in Return for Safe Exit



Iraqi civilians who escaped ISIL control in Mosul said that the group’s terrorists obliged them to pay money in return for offering them a safe exit from the city where the national army and the mobilization force have been battling the takfiri gunmen since mid October.

The recent method to obtain funds followed by ISIL indicates that the terrorist group has almost reached bankruptcy as the Iraqi forces tightened the noose around its militants in the northern city.

Foreign Policy magazine mentioned that the smuggler who moved the civilians to the city’s outskirts forced them to pay $200 thousand for every person whose age is above 12 years despite the miserable economic situations that the Iraqis suffer from.

The Iraqi army and the Mobilization forces have been striking ISIL terrorist group for several weeks, achieving remarkable field progress by regaining scores of towns and inflicting heavy losses upon the militants.

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