Terrorist ISIL Positions Destroyed in Iraqi Air Attacks in Anbar Province



Informed sources in the Western province of Anbar said that the ISIL sustained heavy losses in Iraqi Airstrikes in Fallujah.

“The Iraqi Air Force hit two gathering centers of the ISIL hard, which resulted in the explosion of a car-bomb workshop in Fallujah,” sources said.

 “The army’s air force also managed to destroy a communications center for the ISIL in the district,” sources went on to say.

On Wednesday, nearly a dozen Takfiri terrorist leaders were killed in heavy clashes with the Iraqi army and popular forces in the city of Fallujah, West of the capital, Baghdad.

The Iraqi joint forces killed at least 10 ISIL commanders in fierce clashes with terrorists which lasted over six hours in the Northeastern parts of Fallujah today.

The slain ISIL leaders, most of them Libyan nationals, had escaped to al-Karama region of Fallujah city during the Iraqi army’s last month mop-up operations in Tikrit in Salahuddin province.

Salem Darbu, Adnan Ebrahim al-Mashhadani and Safian bin Qamu were among the notorious ISIL commanders killed in Fallujah.

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