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Terrorist SDF occupation disperses protesters over demonstration against siege of Hasakah city

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) dispersed protesters on Wednesday that attended a demonstration against the siege imposed on the city by their troops.

According to reports, several people gathered in Al-Hasakah’s administrative capital to protest the siege imposed by the SDF on the government-held neighborhoods of the city.

The reports said the SDF troops and Asayish police forces fired gunshots in the area to disperse the crowd and put an end to the demonstration on Wednesday morning.

The reports said the protest was held on Wednesday against the backdrop of the Syrian Democratic Forces’ decision to close the exits from the government-held areas of the administrative capital, which they said has resulted in the blockage of food and supplies to the people there.

The protesters tried to break the siege on the security square in the city, amid chants in support of the Syrian government and President Bashar al-Assad, the reports from the administrative capital added.

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