Terrorists in Syria’s Douma Isolated


The Syrian army continued to advance against the Takfiri militants in Damascus countryside, and cut off all the terrorists’ supply routes to the city of Douma on Wednesday.

Informed sources also said the Syrian army and the National Defense Forces advanced through Harasta highway toward Douma farms, and took control over several important points, killing tens of Takfiri terrorists.

Earlier, the Syrian Army and popular forces won back an important checkpoint in Eastern Damascus province, and took the initial step to seize back full control over the Damascus-Homs highway.

Syrian army troops and National Defense Forces (NDF) regained Sherri checkpoint in the Southern side of the Damascus-Homs highway after the militant groups’ concentration centers in the Eastern Ghouta came under intensive attack by the government troops.

The Syrian army has now deployed forces very close to the strategic Damascus-Homs highway.

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