Terrorists on the verge of losing southwest Syria – map


The rebel forces are on the verge of losing their remaining territory in southwest Syria after a string of losses to the Syrian Arab Army (SAA).

The rebel forces recently suffered several setbacks in the Daraa Governorate, following the loss of the provincial capital’s southern districts.

Once the provincial capital was handed over to the Syrian Arab Army, the rebel forces collapsed in the northern part of the province, opening a path for the government troops to advance towards the western countryside.

The Syrian Arab Army would take control of Inkhil, Mazrayeb, and Khan Al-Shams, marking the first time in four years that they have entered the strategic Daraa Triangle.

In addition to securing reconciliation deals in the aforementioned towns, the Syrian Army also entered all of them and will remain inside until the rebels handover their medium and heavy weapons.

A military source informed Al-Masdar last night that the rebel forces have now agreed to handover the strategic town of Tal Al-Harrah.

Tal Al-Harrah is one of the most important towns in the western countryside of Daraa, as it looks over the remaining parts of the province that the rebels control.

Furthermore, taking control of Tal Al-Harrah will give the Syrian Arab Army an important advantage during their upcoming Al-Quneitra offensive.

In the coming days, the Syrian Army is expected to begin their Al-Quneitra offensive, which will likely be the last major battle in southwest Syria.

Source: AMN

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