Terrorists’ plot to takeover of Hama city prevented by Syrian security forces


A plot by terrorist forces to take over the Syrian city of Hama from within was foiled yesterday when Syrian security troops discovered and seized a very large mobile weapons cache that was destined for sleeper cells operating in the city

According to reports, Syrian security forces sprung a truck-borne weapons transfer that had left militant-held Idlib with the intention of reaching Hama city. Sources say that the weapons were well-disguised within the truck and that security troops inspecting the vehicle at a checkpoint almost overlooked them being there.

After seizing the illegal weapons transfer, Syrian security forces released a video of the cache.

The video (below) shows a range of small arms and combat equipment including dozens of assault rifles, a number of rocket launchers, countless hand grenades, explosive sticks and vests, ammo pouches, body armor and even silenced pistols (likely for assassinations).

The captured cache represents one of the largest discovered illegal weapons transfers ever destined for terrorist sleeper cells within Hama city.

Considering that every one of the more than half-a-dozen major attempts by terrorist forces over the last four years to enter Hama via an invasion from the outside have failed, it appears that militant groups are now trying to quietly slip large numbers of weapons into the city and provide jihadist sleeper cells with the means to launch a coup from the inside.

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