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Terrorists Supporter US: No-fly zone over Syria no easy task

mazimi20130614204911907The Great Satan US says establishing a no-fly zone over Syria is not within the bounds of possibility as it faces formidable obstacles not experienced in the implementation of such a measure in Libya in 2011.

“It’s dramatically more difficult and dangerous and costly in Syria, for a variety of reasons,” Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes said on Friday.

In Libya, the opposition forces controlled most of the country and that made it easier to protect those portions from the air, Rhodes said.

This is while in Syria foreign-backed terrorists are being pushed out of the areas they controlled. The Syrian forces have regained control of the strategic town of Qusayr and have launched a massive offensive against the militants in the northern city of Aleppo.

Syria, unlike Libya, enjoys advanced air defense systems that make it difficult to set a no-fly zone over the country, the US official said.

Rhodes announced on Thursday that the United States would expand its military support for the terrorists in Syria, hinting at Washington’s plan to directly send weapons to the anti-Syria groups.

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