Terrorists to Retreat from Strategic Region in Northeastern Damascus


 Militants and the Syrian Army and Russian Reconciliation Center reached a final agreement over the evacuation of the gunmen from the small but strategic town of al-Dumayr North-East of Damascus province.

The representatives of militants, deployed in al-Dumayr, have inked an agreement with the army and Russian center to leave the region.

The militants’ destination has not been specified yet.

Spokesman for the militants Ahmad al-Abdou Sa’ad Seif said that a meeting is in the offing to specify the gunmen’s destination.

Local sources reported that the militants have rejected relocation to Idlib province and called for a movement to the regions under the control of the Turkey-backed Euphrates River. Meantime, militants of Aswad al-Sharqiyah have demanded relocation to regions under Ahrar al-Sham’s control in Northern Syria.

The sources further said that those militants that do not intend to leave al-Dumayr are allowed to apply for government amnesty after handing over their weapons to the army men.

A preliminary agreement had been reached in the region.

Al-Dumayr has been located in a region between two key airbases of al-Seen and al-Dumayr and overlooks Damascus-Baghdad international highway.

Head of the Russian Center for Peace in Syria Yuri Yuftshenko said on Sunday that the last group of Jeish al-Islam terrorists and their family members, whose number stood at 3,976, left the town of Douma in Eastern Ghouta.

Yuftshenko said that a sum of 3,976 Jeish al-Islam militants and their family members left their areas in Douma as the last groups of the terrorists that were in the key Eastern Ghouta town.

He further said that a total number of 21,154 Jeish al-Islam militants and their family members have left Douma for other militant-held regions, adding that a sum of 67,680 militants and their family members have left Eastern Ghouta since the start of ceasefire in the region.

In the meantime, local sources reported that four buses carrying Jeish al-Islam commanders arrived in Turkey, adding that they are to be transferred to Sudan or a Persian Gulf Arab state.

Also, al-Mayadeen TV reported that almost 500 Jeish al-Islam terrorists of Eastern Ghouta will be transferred to Saudi Arabia, adding that the terrorists will participate in the Saudi forces’ military operation against Yemen.

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