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The consequences of division

A Shi’a-Sunni war is very valuable to the enemies. Differences and division within the Islamic nation cause your spirituality, exuberance, power, glory, and greatness to break down, and as the Quran says, “…and your power will be gone.” [Qur’an, 8:46]  [Feb. 21, 2003]

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The Arrogant Powers and colonialists have always tried to disrupt Islamic unity using various tricks. One of the most evil tricks was the occupation of the Palestinian land and planting the evil tree of Zionism in the Islamic Palestinian land, i.e. in the heart of Islamic nations and Islamic countries. [Dec. 27, 2000]

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It’s time for the Islamic world to wake up, to select Islam as the path to salvation, to maintain its unity and to stand united against the common enemy, an enemy that has hurt all Islamic groups. This enemy is the Global Arrogance and Zionism. The Islamic world should chant unified slogans and take the same path. God willing, this will be approved of by God, supported by the divine laws and traditions, and move forward. [July 23, 1997]

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Our Revolution is an Islamic Revolution. It does not look to see whether the Palestinian nation is Shi’a or Sunni. It defends them in any case. It defends any Muslim community that moves for Islam in any part of the world. The enemies are not happy about “this”. Otherwise, if we were to close our borders and say we have nothing to do with Sunni countries and Sunni groups, the enemies would never bother us, not the US, not Israel, and not England. They are against the Islamic Republic because the Islamic Republic works for Islam and for the Islamic nation. [Jan. 15, 2007]

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