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The cure for envy among believers-1- Ustad Bediüzzaman Said Nursi

Let the envious reflect on the ultimate fate of those things that arouse his enmity. Then he will understand that the beauty, strength, rank, and wealth possessed by his rival are transient and temporary. Their benefit is slight, and the anxiety they cause is great. If it is a question of personal qualities that will gain him reward in the hereafter, they cannot be an object of envy. But if one does envy another on account of them, then he is either himself a hypocrite, wishing to destroy the goods of the hereafter while yet in this world, or he imagines the one whom he envies to be a hypocrite, thus being unjust towards him.
If he rejoices at the misfortunes he suffers and is grieved by the bounties he receives, it is as if he is offended by the kindness shown towards him by divine determining (kader) and divine mercy, as if he were criticizing and objecting to them. Whoever criticizes divine determining is striking his head against an anvil on which it will break, and whoever objects to divine mercy will himself be deprived of it.
How might justice and sound conscience accept that the response to something worth not even a day’s hostility should be a year’s rancour and hostility? You cannot condemn a brother believer for some evil you experience at his hand for the following reasons:
Firstly, divine determining has a certain share of responsibility. It is necessary to deduct that share from the total and respond to it with contentment and satisfaction.

Secondly, the share of the soul and Satan should also be deducted, and one should pity the man for having been overcome by his soul and await his repentance instead of becoming his enemy.
Thirdly, look at the defect in your own soul that you do not see or do not wish to see; deduct a share for that too. As for the small share which then remains, if you respond with forgiveness, pardon, and magnanimity, in such a way as to conquer your enemy swiftly and safely, then you will have escaped all sin and harm. But if, like some drunken and crazed person who buys up fragments of glass and ice as if they were diamonds, you respond to worthless, transient, temporary, and insignificant happenings of this world with violent enmity, permanent rancour, and perpetual hostility, as if you were going to remain in the world with your enemy for all eternity, it would be extreme transgression, sinfulness, drunkenness, and lunacy.
If then you love yourself, do not permit this harmful hostility and desire for revenge, so harmful for personal life, to enter your heart. If it has entered your heart, do not listen to what it says. Hear what truth-seeing Hafiz of Shiraz says: “The world is not a commodity worth arguing over.” It is worthless since it is transient and passing. If this is true of the world, then it is clear how worthless and insignficant are the petty affairs of the world! Hafiz also said: “The tranquillity of both worlds lies in the understanding of these two words: generosit y towards friends, forbearance towards enemies.” [5]

by Long- suffering prominent sunni cleric Ustad Bediüzzaman Said Nursi r.a (1873- 1960) ( whose whole life passed in jails, prisons, under tortures, exile of the rulers of time in Turkey. (1873- 1960). His Eminence had sacrificed his mubarak whole life to Allah’s way and serving Islam. Ustad was representing Real Mohammadi (pbuh) Islam so He was targeted by taghutic system untill He arrived at Allah…) He had never found any time even to marry and had children SO His Eminence accepted a very prominent Sunni Cleric Ustad Hilmi Kocaaslan (Hizbullah Hakverdi) as his Spiritually Adopted Son when Ustad Hilmi was 16 years old. Ustad Hizbullah Hakverdi who has never adopted any systems opposing to the Divine Religion of Allah is living in Turkey and His eminence Ustad Hizbullah is the Complementary Successor of the Late Ustad Bediüzzaman Said Nursi r.a. Ustad Hizbullah give so importance to Unity, Islamic Wahdat, Unified Islamic Nations, Republic of Unified Islamic States and his writings are on these topics. He emphasizes the real enemies of Islam and uncovers the real face of islamic- cloth enemies and describes the Americanized Islam.

[5] Diwani Hafiz, 14 (Ghazal no: 5).


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