The “Free Army” loots the silos of Al-Shadadi village leaving its people ‘hungry’

Al-Shadadi village
“Free Army” militants felt so much vexed especially after the grain silos of Ra’as-al-Ain town have been looted, and accused “Ra’as-al-Ain’s battalions” of being thieves. They asserted then that in case they seized control of the area, they will protect every grain. However; the “Free” militants showed even graver actions than their precedents as reported by local source in Al-Shadadi town in the southern side of Al-Hasaka countryside. The city as being well-known by the source that added in a statement to our network that these militants “looted all the grain silos in the village of Saba’ah-al-Khair ,the village of 47 and the oil wells in the area beside taking many equipment and machinery from the directory of oil wells in Al-Jabseh on the pretext that they sell oil and grains to buy water tankers to quench the thirst of the villages in the distant countryside and to buy munitions and weaponry, but grain has been stolen daily and transported to turkey. The source maintained that people in the village do not get their need of bread because the ‘Free Army” sells grain and the government is no longer able to deliver flour to bakeries in these villages. The source said also “we launched protests and we will continue protesting because we are watching our national resources being stolen on a daily basis under the so-called motto “Freedom”, we are resolving to stop these barbarian violations.” Also a gas station in the 47-village could not escape their cruelty, especially after some of them have fought over 5000 liters of gasoline. The people of these villages now know the truth behind such savage people who have robbed people’s houses, deprived them of security, and denied them their simplest demands like water and electricity.

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