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The implications and objectives of the new Zionist aggression on Syria

The implications and objectives of the new Zionist aggression on Syria

There is a conflicting news about the size and place of the new aggression carried out by the aircrafts of the Zionist entity in the region, north of the capital Damascus, and there are heavy weights of expectations that confirm that the attack was a surface to surface missile that has been fired from the depth towards the advanced air defense system that was heading toward the Lebanese border and covering a distance that pose a threat to Israel’s security as the Hebrew media alleged and claimed.
The official Syrian narrative says that the target place is the famous Jmraiya Research Center on the other side of the Qasion Mount and that there was countless number of dead and wounded people, while other narrative says that the bombing targeted the homes and places where the Republican Guards are located, which constitute one of the solid nuclei of the Syrian Arab Army.

In this case, it is not important to search for the details of the aggression and the way by which it was implemented as much as it is important to understand and know its significance and objectives especially that it comes after public threats by the Zionist enemy and the United States of America, and after a campaign of tendentious incitement about the use of chemical arms, and due to the fact that the Syrian armed opposition and the Takfiri groups and mercenaries reached to a standstill being unable to achieve any serious breach in the capital Damascus, not to mention the successive defeats in many areas most importantly in Al-Qser Humus countryside. In fact, those defeats have pushed them to go beyond the good posture and Arabic norms when dealing with the brethren by accusing Hezbollah of leading the attack and then threatening Lebanon of transferring the battle into its territory.

The aggression, which took place early Sunday, was great and dangerous and should require a series of Arab and international reactions since it puts the whole region at risk. I believe that the Israeli entity made a major foolishness through this aggression at this time, where it seemed clearly that the state of the occupation and the main enemy of the Arab nation is directly involved in the international widespread aggression against the Arabian Syria and that the fighting Syria today acts as a title of all the honorable people of the nation if they wanted to defend the dignity and security of their country.

The clearest reaction came from Iran, not only by condemning the aggression and preparing to defend Syria, but by severely warning the Zionist enemy that the war against Syria would mean the end of the Jewish state. As for the People’s reactions, they are consistent with the well-known Syrian national ones, as well as the angry reaction from the masses of the Arab nation, where many sides announced that they condemn the aggression and support Syria as an army and leadership.

We can register the implications to understand the background of the aggression as follows:

A- “Israel” believes that it has the rare opportunity to topple the last deterrent stronghold force on the Syrian territory in light of the internal Syrian crisis where the entire capitalist wild West scrambled, along with all the reactionary Arabic forces, to topple the remaining Arab state of resistance and this alerts all the concerned people of the seriousness of the continuity of the internal conflict in Syria.

B- The aggression is not the first and will not be the last and it seems that Syria’s failure to reply in previous times for a variety of reasons encouraged the state of occupation to persist and to repeat its disregard of us all.

C- The Arab cowardice and when the delegation of Arab League of oil provided the most dangerous concessions to the Israeli entity, all this inspired the Zionist state that the Arab reactionary that is controlling today the Arab decision would be happy to hit Syria this way and what the delegation has presented in Washington gave the green light for the aggression.

D- The remarks issued by the Syrian opposition from time to time and its humiliating appeals to speed the Western intervention to strike Syria under the false title “deterring the regime and protecting the civilians” granted the enemy tranquility in order to start revealing its role in an open and dramatic way what suggests that there is a coordination between the opposition and the Jewish state.

E- The American suggestions through the president’s remarks and the elements of his administration of the impossibility of the direct intervention in Syria and that they would though not stop their support for the rebels and Obama’s strange talking two days before about Israel’s right to hit anything in Syria under the title of sending arms to Hezbollah or removing the chemical risk granted a very significant license to “Israel” to carry out this big blow.

So we are in front of backgrounds and clear implications that this aggression was previously planned for and that coordination was in home and abroad, especially that the problematic of the militants in Damascus has become confidently blocked and that their surrender became inevitable and the new aggression came as if to give them a chance to breathe and to recover what they can of the squares, quarters, alleys, and some spaces hoping to be able to talk again about the Greater Damascus battle to restore the morale. Hence, it is apparent now that the target of the raid is as follows:

1- Exploiting Syria’s difficult circumstance to hit what could be possible of its means of strength.

2- The harmony with the reactionary Arab offering and supporting their quest to convince America to intervene and that this does not jeopardize the security of the U.S. or the U.S. interests and that “Israel” implements with no problem.

3- Supporting the gangs and armed mercenaries, relieving the pressure imposed on them, and raising their morale after their big losses across Syria.

4- Drawing the attention away from the big planned aggression intended to be launched by the Zionist state and supported by the West and the U.S. against the axis of resistance, including the aggression on Gaza, Iran and Hezbollah.

In theory, this reality must push the Syrian external and internal opposition, as well as the free army and the nationalists who have been involved in the conflict unintentionally to return to the right path, to join the Syrian army, and to cooperate with it in deterring aggression against the homeland Syria, for danger is huge and history will not have mercy on anyone if Syria was lost in front of them all. Everyone must unite to deal with the Zionist enemy, and here comes the role of the Syrian State and leadership, which we hope to take the initiative to provide its integrated project for the future of the State, including what could attract others and tempt them to participate.

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