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The Night of Wishes ‘Lailatul Raghaib’ and its Rituals

The Night of Wishes 'Lailatul Raghaib' and its Rituals

Lailatul Raghaib & first Thursday of Rajab

It is most important, however, that none of you should neglect the First Friday in Rajab, for it is the night that the angels call the Night of [the Granting of] Wishes [Lailat ar-Ragha’ib]. This is because, by the time the first third of the night has elapsed, there will not be a single angel still at large in the heavens, nor in any region of the earth bar one. They will all be gathered together in the Ka’ba and the area immediately surrounding it.

Allah (Exalted is He) will condescend to notice that they have assembled there, and He will say: “My angels, ask Me for whatever you wish!” Their response to this will be: “Our Lord, the request we wish to make is that You grant forgiveness to those who faithfully keep the fast in Rajab,” whereupon Allah (Exalted is He) will tell them: “That I have already done!”

It is related that the person who recites Surah-al Yaseen before going to bed & prayer -Lailatul Raghaib will be saved from the terror of the grave.

The first Friday night of Rajab is known as Lailatul Raghaib. Prophet Mohammad (pbuhh) used to fast on the first Thursday & between Maghrib & Isha recite 12 unit prayers in six sets of 2 units.

In every unit after surah al Hamd recite 3 times Surah al-Qadr & 12 times Surah an Ikhlaas. After salam recite 70 times:

O Allah send blessings on Muhammad, the Ummi Prophet, and on his descendants.

Then go into sajdah & recite 70 times:

Holy and most Holy is the Lord of the Angels and spirts.

Then sit erect & say 70 times:

O Lord! Forgive, have mercy and be indulgent about that which Thou knows well, verily Thou art Sublime, Mighty.

Then go into sajdah & say 70 times:

Holy and most Holy is the Lord of the Angels and spirts.

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