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The Leader of Islamic Ummah and Oppressed People:US defeats in region to continue

The Leader of Islamic Ummah and Oppressed People said on 1st day of Iranian New Year, 1390 here Monday after naming the year as Economic Jihad Year, “US defeats in region would continue.

Leader of Islamic Ummah and Oppressed People Seyyed Ali Khameneie evaluated the successful manifestation of his last year nomination of the year 1389 as the Year for Doubled Will, Doubled Efforts, in various fields, including the nation’s scientific and technological achievements, the goal orientation of subsidies, and wise management on countering the west-imposed sanctions, and at the end he elaborated on the Islamic Republic’s stands on popular uprisings in the region and the notorious US and western moves.
The Leader of Islamic Ummah and Oppressed People began his address celebrating the Iranian nation and he entire nations that celebrate the Iranian New Year, Norouz, adding, “The nation and officials during the course of the past year truly observed and materialized double-will and worked doubly as hard whose results would be known in the long run, but in the course of the past months and in the short run, too, they have been observed in various fields.
His eminence referred to the achievements in the fields of science and technology as an obvious sample of manifesting the doubled will, doubled effort motto, arguing, “The outstanding scientific movement that had started as of years ago in the country has now furthermore accelerated and this growing scientific movement is aimed at achieving the new and advanced sciences and technologies of the world.”
The Leader of the Islamic Ummah and Oppressed People referred to the biotechnology, aerospace, stem cell, production of very important radio-medicines, production of anti-cancer drugs, manufacturing wind turbines, manufacturing supercomputers and new energies, as “some of the new and advanced sciences and technologies” that the Iranian nation has mastered, emphasizing, “The young Iranian scientists are paving these paths in an accelerating pace and in accordance with the reports published by reputable international centers, the velocity of Iran’s scientific movement is greater than the world pace.”
Elaborating on the particular characteristics of the country’s rapid scientific movement,The Leader of Islamic Ummah and Oppressed People Ali Khameneie added, “The presence of young scientists with and average 35 year age, the spirit of self confidence and his self esteem, and the establishment of the national chain of commercializing the science and wealth generation, as some of the prominent characteristics of this scientific movement.
His eminence focusing on commercializing the science generation, too, reiterated, “If the chain of science generation, turning the sciences into technologies, production of goods, and finally commercializing the sciences would be completed, the path of science generation in the country would lead to the national wealth generation, and that would reply to the needs of the nation.”
The leader of the Islamic Ummah and Oppressed People referred to the goal orientation of subsidies as another sample of manifestation of the doubled will, doubled effort motto, adding, “Implementation of the goal orientation of subsidies objective was another sample of the doubled will, doubled effort motto, over whose correctness the entire economic experts are agreed, and has been one of the wishes for consecutive years, and was clicked, by grace of God, in the year 1389 (2009-2010), in whose implementation the cooperation between the government and the people was excellent.”
His eminence emphasized that the executive effects of implementing the goal orientation of subsidies would be tangible in the long run, reiterating, “Some of the results of implementing the goal orientation of subsidies, too, can already be observed.”
The Leader of Islamic Ummah and Oppressed People said one of the objectives of the goal orientation of subsidies has been just distribution of the subsidies, that is a long stride towards achieving social justice, adding, “One other objective of that plan is managing the energy consumption and true alteration of the consumption pattern and the economic structure of the country.”
The leader said that the increased non-oil exports and approaching the important objective of cutting the country’s budget from dependence on oil was another example of manifesting the doubled will, doubled effort motto in the (Iranian) year 1389, reiterating, “Another sample was the wise and mighty encounter of the people and the officials with the US-led western sanction, which fortunately have become ineffective thanks to the hart and intensive work of the officials in various sections, has disarmed the enemy and now the westerners themselves are confessing that the sanctions are of no use any more.”
The Leader referred to the moves made for job creation, rural and urban house construction, construction of highways and roads and the electronic communications as other samples for the manifestation of the doubled will, doubled effort motto at the economic field, emphasizing in his summing up of the last year move in the country that in real sense of the word the year 1389 was the Year of Doubled Will, Doubled Efforts, adding that of course such a move is not exclusively for the year 1389, and must expand into the current year and into the years ahead until the Iranian nation would achieve its deserved status.
The second part of the Leader of Islamic Ummah and Oppressed People’s address was allocated to the nomination of the current (Iranian) year as the Year of Economic Jihad.
Leader of Islamic Ummah and Oppressed People Ali Khameneie first elaborated on the reason for nomination of the year, arguing, “Although there are major tasks to be accomplished in the country, the analysts believe one of the topmost important issues presently is the economic issues and the needed Jihadi moves in this field, because if the Islamic system would show its capability in solving the economic problems to the world and to the entire nations, this would have a great effect on the advancement of the country and the grandeur of the Iranian nation.”
His eminence said that the main index in country’s economic movement is the predicted economic growth in the Country’s 5th Comprehensive Economic Development Plan, adding, “In the 5th Economic Development Plan an 8% economic growth is predicted and productivity plays an important role in materializing that objective. Leader of Islamic Ummah and Oppressed People emphasized that the officials must elaborate the importance of increasing the productivity index in improving the economic growth for the people, reiterating, “Among the other moves that need to be done at the country’s economic field there are decreasing the unemployment rate and increased jobs, increased investments of the private sector and strengthening the private sector by establishment of cooperatives, preparation of the legal and permissible infrastructures, supporting the blossoming of trades, providing the required backgrounds for economizing in consumption of major substances, particularly water in the agricultural field, and direct participation of people in the economic field.”
The Leader of Islamic Ummah and Oppressed People emphasized the need for provision of information for the people in economic field and enabling them for direct participation in economy, adding, “The media, and particularly the radio and television networks have an important role in this respect and they must enlighten the people regarding the economic information and issues, while the government, too, must have a more dynamic approach.”
His eminence continued focusing on the necessities of the major economic movement in the year 1390, emphasizing, “Conducting economic Jihad is in need of a Jihadi spirit, strengthening the spiritual and religious attitude of the people, refraining from marginal engagements in the country, and maintaining national unity and solidarity among the people and the officials.”
Leader of Islamic Ummah and Oppressed People seriously reminded and warned the heads of the three branches of power of the country not to criticize one another openly before the public opinion, reiterating, “The country’s officials have as of the beginning of the Islamic Revolution had criticism about the conduct of one another and this is the nature of the job, but the people should not be engages, or disheartened, while the officials should solve the disagreements within themselves.”
Ayatollah Khameneie also focusing on the way of nominating each year and the reactions to it, added, “Sometimes the nominations and mottoes of each year are propagated in billboards and posters spending huge amounts of money in Tehran and the other cities’ streets, while this is a useless move and contrary to the main objective of nominating each year.’
His eminence emphasized, “The objective of nominating each year is taking effective moves, not putting up signs, chanting mottoes, or sticking related pictures on billboards.”
The third and last warning of the leader was not to ignore the non-economic fields in the year 1390, particularly the scientific and technological priorities.
The Leader then elaborated on the popular movements in the region in Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen and Libya.
His eminence said that these movements are very important and signs of a fundamental development in the Arabic-Islamic region and the Islamic awareness of the Ummah (nation), adding, “Two major elements in these movements are the presence of the people at the scene and their religious attitude.”
The leader of the Islamic Revolution said that the main reason why the human conscience and the dignity of the region’s nations is hurt is the improper conduct of their despotic rulers, reiterating, “For instance, the conduct of Hosni Mubarak in Egypt and committing the most criminal acts on behalf of the Zionist regime, particularly regarding Gaza, and the conduct of Qazzafi on Libya, like delivering the nuclear facilities of that country to the Americans in confrontation with the baseless threats and minute promises of the west, were among the moves that hurt the pride of the peoples.”
The Leader of Islamic Ummah and Oppressed People further elaborating in the same respect said, “The western threats and pressure, led by the United States did exist against Iran, too, and they still exist, but the Islamic Republic officials have not only not backed up in confrontation with them, but increased their nuclear facilities each year, as well.”
His eminence elaborated on the conduct and the sands of the Americans regarding the regional developments, adding, “The Americans were at the beginning amazed and devoid of analyses on the regional developments, which was why their respective stands were contradictory.”
Leader of Islamic Ummah and Oppressed People emphasized, “Supporting the dictators is the fixed policy of the Americans and they defended Husni Mubark, too, to the very end, but when they noticed that the continuation of his presence is not possible they threw him out like a handkerchief, which should be a lesson for the independent leaders.”
The Leader said that the fall of the Egyptian dictator was a sever blow against the US Middle East policies, adding, “When the united States lost hope in preserving Ben Ali and Husni Mubarak, it began a notorious and nasty, but of course simple effort aimed at preserving the structures of their dictatorships in Tunisia and in Egypt, but that effort, too, was defeated with the continuation of the popular movements in those countries.”
His eminence reiterated, “After facing defeat in those two plots, the Americans resorted to opportunism and assimilation in their strategies, trying to confiscate the revolutions, in which they also faced defeat.”
The leader of the Islamic Revolution referred to the US efforts aimed at assimilation of the regional developments in Iran, adding, “Resorting to wretched figures who were under the reign of their temptations to create a funny caricature of those movements in Iran, but the Iranian nation hit a punch on their mouths and this plot, too, faced defeat.”
The Leader of Islamic Ummah and Oppressed People  referred to the conduct of the United States regarding the popular movements in the region and their claim on supporting the will of the nations, arguing that it is hypocritical, and referring to the US president’s claim regarding his support for the Iranian nation, said, “We do not know whether the current US president knows what he says, or he is ignorant and dizzy? He says the people at Tehran’s Azadi Square are the same as the people at (Egypt’s) Tahrir Square, while the people every year gather at Azadi Square and their main mottos is ‘Death to USA’.”
His eminence emphasized that the US claims on supporting the nations, too, have always been lies, as they not only have no mercy for the regional nations, but also have no mercy for their own nation, because the current US president under such conditions that his country is going through the most critical economic conditions of that country has sent billions of dollars of the American people’s money to the pockets of weapon builder factories and the oil cartels and is still doing so.”
Leader of Islamic Ummah and Oppressed People further elaborating the ongoing regional movements, referred to the situation in Libya, adding, “The Islamic republic of Iran, too, condemns the behavior of the Libyan government and the massacre of the people there, but we also condemn the US and western attacks cent per cent.”
The Leader of Islamic Ummah and Oppressed People totally ruled out the truthfulness of the Americans and the west that their move is aimed at supporting the Libyan people, emphasizing, “If they are truly the supporters of the Libyan people why did they remain sitting idle watching the massacre of the people?”
His eminence reiterated, “The United Sates and the west are merely after the Libyan oil and strengthening their footholds in that country so that they would be able to monitor the behavior of the future governments in Tunisia and in Egypt.”
Leader of Islamic Ummah and Oppressed People considered the UN behavior regarding Libya, too, a blot against the reputation of that intentional organization, adding, “Instead of being at the service of the nations, the UN has become a tool at the disposal of the United States and the west.”
Ayatollah Khameneie than referred to the recent developments in Bahrain, emphasizing, “The nature of the movement of the people of Bahrain is quite the same as the movements in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Libya and Yemen, because the people of Bahrain, too, want the right to vote freely in elections, which is not demanding too much.”
His eminence said that talking about the Shi’a-Sunni issue in Bahrain developments by the United States and the west is merely a pretext aimed at blocking the path for supports for the movement of the Bahraini nation.”
The leader of the Islamic Revolution expressed sorrow that some people have fall preys in that trap of the Americans, emphasizing that stressing over the Shi’a-Sunni issue in Bahrain issue is serving the Americans and the enemies of the Islamic Ummah.

Ayatollah Khameneie referring to the support of the Islamic Republic of Iran for the Palestinian nation, and particularly the 22 Day Gaza War, reiterated, “The Islamic Republic of Iran supports the Palestinian nation, as well as the recent regional movements in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Yemen, while they are not Shi’a Muslims, because in such issues there is no place for the Shi’a-Sunni discussions and therefore, regarding the Bahrain issue, too, it is not possible to remain silent merely because the people are Shi’as.”
Regarding the interference of the Saudi government in Bahrain developments, his eminence added, “The peak of the Americans and their mercenaries’ impudence is where they do not consider the presence of Saudi tanks as interference in the internal affairs of Bahrain, but the objections of the sources of jurisprudence and the well wishers of the Bahraini people as Iran’s interference!”
Leader of Islamic Ummah and Oppressed People said that the military interference of the Saudi government in Bahrain is a grave mistake, emphasizing that this move would lead to the hatred of the regional people against the Saudi regime and would definitely have grave aftermaths for Saudi Arabia.”
Summing up the regional developments, The Leader reiterated, “The new movement that has started in the region is the movement of the Islamic Ummah with Islamic objectives and orientation, and this movement would as God ahs promised be victorious with a chain of US defeats in the region.”
His eminence emphasized, “The stand of the Islamic Republic of Iran regarding the regional developments is defending the nations and the nations’ rights and opposing the dictators and the oppressor regimes.”

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