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“And let there be [arising] from you an ummah inviting to [all that is] good, enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong, and those will be the successful.” [1]

Let there be from you an Ummah, the gathering under the leadership of an Imam inviting to good, enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong, and only this gathering under the leadership of an Imam will be the (moflihon) successful. Allah (swta) has shown us the path to success, and the path to success is clearly mentioned as being an Ummah that means the gathering, the community with an Imam. When we study any kind of movements, uprisings on earth so far we can understand the ayat Ali ‘Imran 104 more clearly. And the previous of this ayat is “And hold firmly to the rope of Allah all together and do not become divided.” advising us to be an Ummah not in pieces. Being even a nail of a body is more important than being a seperate head because a seperate head is useless while a nail in a body has many functions, which is what Prophet Rasole Akram Mohammad Mostafa (pbuh) mentioned as “Muslims are like parts of one body.” As Muslims we should study these points more carefully. For examples, Afghanistan. The instance of Afghanistan should be studied by many aspects in details. The reason why they have not reached a success is because their method is not the one mentioned in Qur’an. Any kind of movements on earth can be handled in this context. No any movements, uprisings are self- directed in this regard, too. Blood, death, failure, etc are definite fate of any kind of movements no matter who they are and how strong they are. The resistance of Afghanistan and Iran is a good example for us to compare concretely. What made the resistance in Iran successful and Afghanistan unsuccessful is the concrete explanation of mentioned ayat above. The uprising in Iran has had an Imam while we can not say the same thing for Afghanistan. The developments in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Lebanon can make the point here crystal clear. Although the resistance of Yemen, Iraq, Syria do not have a long history like Afghanistan, we can mention better, serious developments in Yemen, Iraq, Syria compared to Afghanistan. The reason is the same. And that reason is Imam because the help of Allah (swta) is coming through an Imam just like in Surah Al Fath“…The hand of Allah is over the hands of those who pledge allegiance to you…”[2] We will mention the importance of this ayat of Al-Fath 10 in the following sections, too InshaAllah.

The hand of Allah (help, mercy, protection, etc of Allah) came to Iran but not to Afghanistan. All Muslims, true believers should analyse these points and work on these ayats in details carefully. When we become an Ummah we should know what our positions and responsibilites are. What mainly caused the destructions of other nations in history is their disobedience to their Prophets (pbut). They did not do the requirements of being an Ummah. They wanted to keep their Prophets with themselves instead of obeying their Prophets, which is the main illness of Jewish throughout history. They wanted Prophets (pbut) to behave the way they (Jewish people) want, not the way Allah wants via Prophets (pbut). This kind of illnesses should not be found among we Muslims, and true believers. We should not ask Islamic Revolution to behave the way we want, or to state what we need. There are some people who criticise Islamic Revolution of Iran just because its relations and deals with some certain countries. What would these kind of people do if they were in the time of Prophet Mohammad pbuh and during the Hudaibiyah deal of Prophet Mohammad pbuh with Mushriks (Polytheist). What would they say during the returning of Abo Jandal ibn Suhayl (r.a)? Would these people criticise prophet Mohammad (pbuh) for returning Abo Jandal who accepted Islam? The answer here is most probably “Yes”, unfortunately. What makes us fail in most of times is our failure in reading developments, historical events deficiently. The Jewish objected Prophet Moses by saying “O! Moses! Why did you bring us to here!” As we see this is a kind of serious sickness, questioning their Prophets, has been among Jewish people throughout history.

Let’s continue from the plight of humanity, Kashmir in private, after bringing light to the root of problems and their substantial solutions. The issue of Kashmir or any other people or lands will be solved following destruction of israel totally. Today, there is no any substantial solutions to any oppression by zionists and their slaves if we disregard the whole Picture in the region and across the world. Slaughterer zinists israel, England, USA, Saudi Arabia have been doing their best to drag war into Iran or near to Islamic Republic of Iran. The latest HindiPak conflict is definitely the aim of that zionist Project via puppet Governments. “…Every time they (Jewish) kindled the fire of war [against you], Allah extinguished it. And they strive throughout the land [causing] corruption, and Allah does not like corrupters.” [3] Let’s have a look at Palestine plight to understand the situation better. Palestine is one of the most clear example for all of us. It has been decades but the occupation still goes on. Even the armed struggle of Palestine for years is not finished yet. The whole World is watching the oppression but a slaughterer invader regime is still there and killing people, and occupying their land. Where is the humanity? What is the solution? Why do not we see a concrete step from all Muslim countries against Zionist israel? Where is the same so called Mohammad Army coalition led by Saudi Arabia against oppressed people of Yemen that is mentioned as land of faith and wisdom by Prophet Mohammad pbuh? Why is not there a coalition for Masjed Al-Aqsa? Where are the same Muslim countries? Is not Palestine the COMMON dignity of Muslims? Is not first Qibla of Muslims the COMMON value of Muslims? [4]

Then, what is the reason here? What prevents Muslims establish a power for their COMMON values? What are the factors restraining Islamic world from helping Palestine perceptibly? Who are those ones doing their best to hide this bare truth from people of the World? Who are those ones preventing Muslim Ummah from establishing a big power against slaughterer israel? [5] You can multiply tens of other questions in this context easily. We give Palestine cause as an epitome in order to make the points mentioned here more clear. If we able to read the Palestine cause correctly, be sure that we will be able to read the plight of Kashmir and all other lands and nations truely. What has been the real obstacle for people? What and who is the curb in front of ending the oppression? Why does an open oppression in front of the whole World continue so long? Maybe we should analyse the Word hypocrisy and hypocrite to know the obstacles. [6]

Many questions here can be explained by analysing the kind of hypocrisy and the colourful hyporites we are facing and ruled by in many Muslims countries today. The open oppression continues not because the oppression is powerful; it is because the hypocrites among Ummah. It is because fighting against hypocrisy has been the most difficult part of the war throughout history. Today we are facing many kind of hypocrites who study for a postgraduate degree under the leadership of definite Sfyan who is the real perpetrator of all chaos, murders, conflicts, wars because Sfyan is mentioned as the most severe enemy to the works of Imam Mahdi (a.s). [7] Sfyan is doing his best to divide one Ummah by playing out of his skin. He has turned the anger of Muslim Ummah from israel to Syria and he has been successful to some extent unfortunately.

Let’s make this point here more plainly by remembering the developments in Libya, Egypt, etc. What has been the result of uprising of the people there? Why did those uprisings end with failure (for now)? Why did not Egypt succeed? [8] Shortly, they denied the help of Allah by disregarding a SUCCESSFUL Islamic Revolution of Iran. Because they denied the help, mercy, protection of Allah while “…The hand of Allah is over the hands of those who pledge allegiance to you…” Surah Al- Fath10. Because their sectarian greed suppressed their faith. Because they did not take advantage of a SUCCESSFUL Islamic Revolution of Iran against the whole Arrogant, Imperialist, Capitalist, Zionist World Powers. Thus, Allah did not accepted the insincere Works of them. And Allah did not give his hand to them. Who can show a movement or a person or a resistance that has good relations with Islamic Revolution of Iran (actually good relations with Allah) failed so far while the “…The hand of Allah is over them”? Syria is one of the best examples for this point. The whole World worked against Syrian President Assad while Islamic Republic of Iran and Resistance axis said the opposite. The result is what Resistance said years ago not the one of almost the whole arrogant and their puppets in the World wanted.

Why should Islamic Revolution of Iran be so important for a true believer? [9] Why should all events across the World be evaluated in regarding Iran? Why should a true believer see The Leader of Islamic Ummah and Oppressed People Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei as a rope of Allah, Olol Amr for salvation today just like mentioned in Surah An-Nisa 59? Why is Welayat-e Faqih is the ark of Noah (pbuh) for a true believer just like mentioned in Hadith? What should be the route of a true believer? Remember the three enemies that zionist butcher Netanyahu mentioned as “IRAN! IRAN! IRAN!” [10] The World especially Muslim World will continue suffering unless they understand the importance of Iran more than enemies understand. [11]

Today, understanding the policy of Islamic Revolution will help us understand what the solution is for the whole World, especially for the oppressed people. [12] Let’s read from the Zionist Kissinger, “This Islamic Revolution of Iran is the most important event after WW2.” The more we ignore the real perpetrators of the conflicts, the more we evaluate events incompletely. The more we ignore true enemy, the more sufferings continue. Today we all should give all our support to resistance axis fighting against global zionist block. What we all should do is to stay loyal to Resistance. I see some people who blame Iran for not acting the way they want, think. No Never! Islamic Revolution of Iran is neither what we imagine nor what you create inside of your mind instead this is a global glorious divine revolution that works day and night to bring peace to whole humanity not for a certain land. We should stop giving advice to Iran because Iran has a divine leader and a divine programme that needs time, soldiers, money, strong resistance. [13] We should stop asking from Iran instead we should ask ourselves what we are doing for the bearer of the flag of Islam today. Let’s ask ourselves and give response this important question. What are we doing for Islam while Islamic Revolution has been doing endless sacrifices of sons, people, Money, etc. … We should ask ourselves to make our stance more clear! Yes Iran is a government but through which paths this Iranian land became such a government should be answered. We should read the “Sacred Defence of Iran” and the process before, during and after revolution to see how divine this Revolution is.

Let us mention the solution of oppressed Kasmir briefly. The oppression of Kashmir will end the moment when cancer israel is deleted from the map of the World because israel is the heart of zionist body. [14] When the heart is stopped, deleted the whole zionist body will be left useless.  Zionist Powers causing pain in Kashmir and in all other areas will be defetaed following the destruction of rabid dog israel. And this fate will be the same for almost all countries whose leaders are slaves of israel. No any developments in the World should be handled separately. If we evaluate developments separately, we will never be able to see the whole picture. How can we be busy with extinguishing the fire inside our own house while the whole building is burning. Being together, working together under the leadership of an Imam is a definite command of Allah (swta) because all other methods will bring just death and failure. Not only the situation of our dear oppressed Kashmiri people will be solved but also the problems of the world will be solved. Thus, it is useless to play with the tail of crocodile, instead the brain of this savage crocodile must be targeted. All Muslims, true believers, true people should give their full effort to Resistance to delete israel and Great Satan USA. Europe, America, Asia and all other countries will be free because today most of these governments of countries are slaves of zionists.

There have been many methods but the only successful one is the mothod of Iran which is actually the method of Qur’an and Prophets (pbut), Imams (pbut). Do you have any other choices? Do you think the plight of Kashmir can be solved without method of Iran while the common cause of Muslims like Palestine, Al Aqsa is not solved without method of Iran? Do you trust Europe or their so called colourful fake humanitarian organisations? Have you forgotten what these so called HR or their fake organisations have done in Bosnia, Palestine, Iraq, Syria, Bahrain, etc? Could you please give just one example of any kind of International Organisations that has brought any solutions to any oppression while these organisations are actually with the same zionist Powers by giving them secret informations, and many other helps to zionist powers? Yes, we should raise our voice to awaken people of the World. We should help people to hear the pain in Kashmir and to see the truth that is being hidden by their traitor countries and puppet media. We should try our best to awaken people to question their governments, media, and their useless so called humanitarian organisations. When we win the spiritual Jeehad, Allah (swta) will open another door for us Inshaallah. Today spiritual, cultural Jeehad has high importance for all of us. Whoever brings any other alternatives are either ignorants or püre hands of enemies to legitimize the attack of enemies upon oppressed people of Kashmir. We here in Turkey name these kind of people as definite agents of dark Powers working for Zionist Powers. Islam is not a reactional movement instead it is a divine programme of Allah (swta). The perspective of a true believer should not be changed according to the hired media or any kind of propagandas. No any Powers should stop a true believer from performing Islam as a thesis while others and ignorants just act in reaction without following a true program. These reactional people never have a clear stance. Thus, this variability of some people is enough for them to be used by enemies easily. Unfortunately we Muslims fail to understand the importance of Islamic Republic of Iran while the enemies know this importance more than us. This is a pitiful truth for us. NOT LOCAL BU TOTAL SOLUTION IS A MUST. A totally solution for the World is needed and this has been called as United Islamic Republic [15] by prominent Islamic scholars for years even mentioned in 1911. We should help people see the truth of today the way Imam Hussain a.s did in history by sacrificing all what he did. What Imam Hussain pbuh did was to awaken people of that time and people of all times. Never ever underestimate awakening ourselves and others because the key of our test is this awakening ourselves and others. Peace be upon Imam Rohollah Al Musawi Al Khomeini r.a who has been the best model of reflection of Ashura culture in our age and awakened the whole World with his glorious global Islamic Revolution that will result in United Islamic Republics and will stand until the last day, Inshaallah. [16]


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